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  1. In narrative communication, people reinvent stories, while ChatGPT avoids change
    Fritz Breithaupt, Ege Otenen, Devin Robert Wright, John K. Kruschke, Ying Li, and Yiyan Tan
    Breithaupt, Otenen, Wright, and Kruschke are equal first authors
    in review

  2. Sameness Entices, but Novelty Enchants in Fanfiction Online (Version 2)
    Elise Jing, Simon DeDeo, Devin Robert Wright, Yong-Yeol Ahn
    Currently Version 1, but will be updated to Version 2
    arXiv. link

Publications and Presentations

Conference Publications

  1. An Autonomous Discord Bot to Improve Online Course Experience and Engagement: Lessons Learned Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic
    Devin Robert Wright, Tim Severance, Charles D. Knutson, Jonathan L. Krein, Tyler D. Buchanan.
    Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Software Engineering Education and Training (CSEE&T), Maui, Hawaii, January 4-7, 2022 link pdf


  1. Man vs. Machine: What ChatGPT Reveals about Human Memory, Emotion, and Creativity in the Serial Reproduction of Stories

    Ege Otenen, Devin Robert Wright, Yiyan Tan, John Kruschke, Ying Li, and Fritz Breithaupt
    (All authors contributed equally.)
    Midwest Cognitive Science Conference 2023. Grand Rapids, Michigan. May 7-9, 2023. link

  1. Using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to Identify Trends in Flight Software Patch History

    Devin Robert Wright, Gerardo E. Cruz-Ortiz (Mentor)
    NASA Virtual Intern Symposium, Summer 2021. Virtual–Greenbelt, Maryland, Aug 10, 2021 pdf

  2. Constructing an Assembler and Virtual Machine (Poster)

    Devin Robert Wright, Curtis Ray Welborn (Mentor)
    National Conference on Undergraduate Research 2021@home. Virtual, April 13, 2021 link pdf

  3. Constructing an Assembler and Virtual Machine

    Devin Robert Wright, Curtis Ray Welborn (Mentor)
    Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research 2021, hosted by Brigham Young University. Virtual–Provo, Utah, February 19, 2021.

  1. Improving Plan Specification Language Usability and Applying Language to Model Autonomous Interplanetary Communications (Poster)

    Devin Robert Wright, Jeremy Frank (Mentor), Michael Dalal (Supervisor)
    Ames Virtual Intern Poster Symposium and Exit Presentation Series, August 2020. Virtual–Mountain View, California, Aug 5, 2021. pdf