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Devin Robert Wright


Dual Ph.D. Student | Associate Instructor - IU
Indiana University Bloomington
Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering
College of Arts and Sciences
(Former) Adjunct Faculty Instructor - UVU
Utah Valley University
College of Engineering & Technology (CET)


Indiana University Bloomington
Dual Ph.D. (student) - Informatics & Cognitive Science
Informatics Track: Complex Networks & Systems
Yong-Yeol "YY" Ahn (Informatics)
Fritz Breithaupt (Cognitive Science)
Utah Valley University
B.S. - Computer Science (Magna Cum Laude)

Contact Information

Google Scholar
Twitter: @Devin_R_Wright

About Me

Hi! I'm an Associate Instructor and second year Dual Ph.D. student at Indiana University studying Informatics (CNS) and Cognitive Science. I'm interested in the cognitive science of religion and narratology. More specifically, I investigate how these phenomena affect cultural evolution, how our mind processes various narratives, and how cultural evolution drives the evolution of the narratives themselves. Currently, I take inspiration from methods in network science, complex systems, digital/computational humanities, computational social science, and information theory. Through my research, I additionally seek to understand patterns of innovation, creativity, information spreading, collaboration, and cooperation.

I'm originally from California, but I conducted my undergraduate studies at Utah Valley University in Computer Science, where I also taught as an Adjunct Faculty Instructor. During my undergraduate work at UVU I was a charter member/Research Assistant for the UVU Source Code Lab, a Teaching Assistant, and worked AI/ML/NLP related internships with NASA Ames Research Center (PLEXIL & OceanWATERS) and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (cFS). I've also worked as a Research Associate for Ironwood Experts, LLC, where I led a team of undergraduate researchers in remote CS education research. Oh, and I'm a First Generation Student! 🤘

You can check out my Research Page to see more about my interests and current projects/labs. If you'd like to contact me (especially if you'd like to talk research or collaboration) you can reach me through my info above.

Curriculum Vitae