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Latest Release

If you like prog metal, deathcore, or djent, you might like my newest release "Abaddon."

You'll be able to find it on:
Apple Music
YouTube Music
Amazon Music
And pretty much any other streaming service you can think of.



I've been performing and playing music for as long as I can remember. I took private voice lessons for years and sang in various locations around the country – including venues such as Carnegie Hall and the Save Mart Center. But most of my performing took place throughout California.

Fun story! In high school, Kevin Memley (a composer) wrote a song specifically for the voices of 3 vocalists, including myself. It's called Uniamo In Amore. If you take a listen, I'm the tenor - starts at 2:20😉. There's also an alto (Katherine Flaherty) and a baritone (Constantine Pappas). The 3 soloists can be heard singing while supported by the choir. I spent significant time singing classical, opera, and Broadway tunes in my formal training. This eventually ended with me briefly attending the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at CSULB on scholarship.

In addition to voice, I play guitar, bass, and drums. And I dabble in other instruments such as piano, ukulele, cavaquinho, and mandolin.



I started writing music by the time I was in middle school. I'm pushing myself to use any free time I can to get back into writing.
However, if you read what's above, you'd likely be surprised to discover I write contemporary metal, rock, and alternative mostly. My current writing is getting heavier and heavier.

It's been a LONG time since I recorded Hushwreck's EP (Technicolor - EP was recorded 2012). I think my the EP is beginning to sound quite dated. However, I built up my home studio a bit in the past year or so. As you likely saw above, I finally have a new release!


My band, Hushwreck, is technically a continuing project (lonely so lonely). Although almost nothing is active. And all of our sites are pretty much dead (maybe I'll revive them). 🤘💀

I write and record most everything for Hushwreck, with the exception of the drums on Technicolor - EP. Had to hire Jordan Pulmano for that.
When we played live shows there were a few other members, but the most consistent members were Cameron Heath Sasso-Briggs (rhythm guitar/bass backup vocals), and Matthew Marquez (lead guitar, backup vocals).
Although most of my music never made it to any official platforms, you can find some of my music on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, etc.
Pretty much wherever music is found nowadays.
Technicolor - EP was recorded at JSM Studios

Recordings - Hushwreck

  • 2023 Abaddon - Single

  • 2012 Technicolor - EP


Other Bands

  • Ever Chasing Daylight: (Matthew Marquez's project - Now called Friends + Family) I've performed a couple times doing guest or backup vocals and some keys for them.
  • Kady! Danger: I played as their guitarist for some shows in a few cities in California.

Guest Appearances

  • 2021
    Band: Friends + Family (Formerly known as Ever Chasing Daylight)
    Performing: I sing the bridge (1:45-2:15), some of the background vocals, and I do all of the harsh vocals/screams.
  • 2020
    Band: Friends + Family (Formerly known as Ever Chasing Daylight)
    Performing: I'm doing all the harsh vocals/screams.

Some other miscellaneous performances

Because... why not embarrass myself further while you're here?
  • 2015
    Band: self, vocal competition
    Performing: Vocals
    Song Could Have Been Me by The Struts (Cover)

  • 2012
    Band: Ever Chasing Daylight
    Performing: Vocals (1:59-2:22 and 3:30-4:20), some keys, and some ukulele (barely at the end).
    Song: Seasons